One of my favorite song and it couldn`t better describe the chapter tonight

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Mi Amor(A Gonzalo Higuain Fanfic)

Chapter 23

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Champions League tonight:

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Mi Amor(A Gonzalo Higuain Fanfic)

Chapter 22

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Eternal Love( A Marco Reus Fanfic)

Chapter 5

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This was for Marco Reussssssss

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My commentator:During penalties in finals there is always a football fan that die from a heart attack.
Me:Is that going to be me??

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Israel has begun it’s campaign in launching the biggest ground assault on Gaza in more than 5 years.

The people of Gaza have absolutely no chance at this point. Israel will do anything to wipe Gaza off the planet. WE MUST TAKE ACTION. BOOST

The Israeli government has given the military permission to mobilize up to 40,000 additional reservists as it steps up an offensive in the Gaza Strip aimed at eradicating the source of the Palestinian Rocket Fire. 

The last time a ground invasion occurred was in 2009 when 4,000 Israeli troops were deployed in Gaza. The death toll added up to 13 Israeli deaths (3 from friendly fire) and 1,417 Palestinian Deaths which included 114 women and 431 children.

This time there are ten times as many troops being deployed. Already casualties from rocket fire are escalating well past precedent; One can only imagine the toll this ground invasion will take on the Palestinian people. 

The only way the fighting will end is if Israel agrees to a peace treaty that gives Palestine their land back along the original 1967 borders declared by the United Nations (which still allocates a disproportionately larger amount of land to the Israeli people). 

Please signal boost this to spread awareness and pray for the civilians of both countries involved. 

Oh god

what the fucking fuck

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Ahhh Higuain!!!!!! I feel sorry for you baby.

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I feel sad for Marco Reus for not being part of this final….how i wish he was there playing as he really deserved it.

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